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Hello dear friends! Glad to welcome you to the site!
I am Elena Nekrashevich - an independent real estate agent and consultant specializing in overseas real estate in Dubai and Barcelona. 
Are you looking for the perfect property in the most attractive places in the world? Then you've come to the right place. I offer professional real estate services, specializing in the markets of Dubai and Barcelona. 
My attention to detail, deep market knowledge, and dedication to achieving your goals will help you find the ideal home or investment property that meets your needs and budget. I work directly with clients to provide a personalized approach and complete transparency in all transactions. 
With my services, you will receive not only professional support in finding and acquiring real estate but also comprehensive consultation on the financial and legal aspects related to buying property abroad. 
I am ready to help you fulfill your dream of owning overseas real estate. Contact me today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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A detailed description of the range of services I provide:

After-sales service:

- Providing support and consultations after the property purchase.
- Assisting in organizing property management services, rental services, and rental income management.

Property overview:

- - Conducting a detailed analysis of the real estate market in Dubai and Barcelona.
- Selecting properties that match your requirements and preferences. Virtual site tours.
- Property viewings and evaluations.
- Providing comprehensive information about the area, infrastructure, nearby amenities, and purchase conditions.
- Real estate off-plan (under construction)

Support in negotiations and deal closure

- Representing your interests in negotiations with sellers and agents.
- Assisting in determining optimal purchase terms and price.
- Facilitating the deal closure and documentation process.
- Consultations on tax implications and legal aspects of property ownership and investment.

Financial consulting:

- Assisting in determining your budget and financial capabilities for property acquisition.
- Consultations on available sources of financing and mortgage loans.
- Estimating the expected costs of purchasing and maintaining the property.
- Hire purchase

Assistance in organizing property viewings and inspections online/offline

- Coordinating dates and times for property viewings.
- Accompanying you during property inspections and providing detailed information about each property.

Documentation preparation and provision

- Assisting in preparing the necessary documents for property purchase.
- Verifying the legal clearance of the property and documentation.
- Drafting contracts and agreements, reviewing in protection of your interests.

It only took Dubai a few decades to become a modern metropolis with a developed real estate market. The original architecture, the rich infrastructure, the lucrative business environment - all the conditions for a comfortable life and business have been created here. Real estate investment in Dubai is a great solution for those looking for lucrative growth opportunities and attractive prospects.

One of the advantages of real estate in Dubai is the low requirements for explanation of the origin of funds and the fact that it's quite easy to transfer money from Russia to Dubai. Property buyers in Dubai can pay for transactions in both cash and cryptocurrency.

It is weak compliance that has attracted the flow of money to Dubai from all over the world and helped grow the property market, as well as enriching local bankers and business elites. This may have been thanks to "administrative loopholes and weak enforcement practices", according to the Carnegie Endowment. However, over the past year the Dubai market has become more transparent - in the JLL Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2022 it ranks 31st.

What distinguishes Dubai from the world's most transparent markets - the US and UK - is that the Dubai Land Department's data does not include information on property owners. Dubai is one of the largest markets where a property buyer can still remain anonymous.

I am positive about Dubai's prospects and believe that on the horizon of the next five to ten years, Dubai's economy will grow.

Analysts predict that by 2030, Dubai will be among the world's top 20 richest cities. Not surprisingly, Dubai is one of the few places in the world without taxes. There are now no taxes on income from employment, rental property, dividends or securities, no annual property tax and no inheritance tax.  

Spain continues to be an attractive destination for Russians. Such active interest is well justified. The mild Mediterranean climate, fresh seafood, friendly people - this is the kind of feedback we constantly hear from Russian immigrants.

The average price of housing in February 2023 - 1900 euros / sq.m., according to Idealista, the largest portal of real estate search in Spain.

Regions with the highest prices:

- Balearic Islands - €3,351/sqm;
- Madrid Community - 2 983 euro/sq m;
- Basque Country - 2 694 euro/sqm;
- Catalonia - 2 300 euro/sq m.

Regions with the lowest prices: - Extremadura - 931 euro/sqm;
- Castile-La Mancha - 866 euro/sq.m;
- Murcia - €1,068/sqm.

Prices are now rising, but smoothly. What is happening is to compensate for the slight fall that occurred as a result of the pandemic. We are now at pre-pandemic levels and the growth that was there before the pandemic is continuing.

Those who are interested in Spain are of course looking for a flat closer to the sea. However, housing on the coast is one of the most expensive due to high demand. For people looking for cheaper options, she advises to look at the central part of the country:

More often than not Russians prefer to buy secondary housing as there is a greater choice. Some people are looking for a freshly renovated flat, while others prefer to have it redone to suit their taste.

New buildings are expensive, but those Russians who can afford the higher price segment, too, to the new buildings are treated with interest. For example, in Málaga, new villas are in great demand among Russians. And yet they invest a lot of money to adapt to their tastes. In Spain, Russian citizens are considered frequent buyers of luxury housing.

So what kind of real estate can be considered elite? The flat of this format will cost about 800 thousand euros, the house - from 1 million and more.

One of the most beautiful cities in Spain is Barcelona. Barcelona makes a very rational use of land plots. They are compactly and practically built up, with residential properties adjacent to commercial ones, which is very convenient for people. Almost every apartment building has a café, shops, and business offices. This makes every area of the city a comfortable place to live. Life here is not cheap, so real estate is expensive. Those who like a quiet, peaceful life should not buy a flat in the historical part of the city or close to the tourist attractions. It's always crowded and noisy, so you can't count on peace and quiet.

The cost of utilities is quite high. For a small dwelling it costs approximately 220 Euros per month.

Property prices in this city are steadily increasing. According to the experts, the price increase over time will be between 5 and 7%. Spanish housing complies with all technical regulations and housing standards. Even the older houses are of good quality. Barcelona is visited by many tourists, so there are plenty of opportunities to make money. The easiest thing to do is to rent out the property. The more you buy a house, a flat or a villa, the more you can make a steady, passive income. The closer the property is to the beach, the more it can be rented out.

And when you are ready for the most responsible step, I will help you make a deal on the purchase of real estate. The transaction involves the signing of an agreement and the transfer of payment to the seller under a power of attorney drawn up at the Spanish Consulate in the Russian Federation. 

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